About the Author

Jim MooreAfter more than 15 years writing and rewriting his novel, Jim Moore released The Six Trillion Dollar Man, the first of The Stuart-Bruce Book series.  Moore is a native of northwest Missouri where he “enjoyed” growing up with a loving, close-knit extended family.  After living in Arizona, California, Texas and New York, he now calls Idaho home with his wife Kathi and their dog Lucy.

A productive and interesting career in the medical device industry gave Moore a chance to travel extensively in the US, Canada, Europe, South America, Mexico and South Africa.  When not writing, Jim enjoys photography particularly of family and friends, fishing in the streams and lakes around Idaho, and taking trips to new places.

Moore is busy working on his next novel The Camel Conspiracy, an intriguing story about a secret, clever, and devious plan conceived at a remote oasis in the Arabian desert to create a cruel, unprecedented and crippling crisis in the US many decades later.